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~The Gypsy Caravan~


Built in 2001 by Artists Christopher Deuss & Randilee Golden

with Engineer Chad Schwartz

The Gypsy Caravan was originally built by Randilee Golden and Christopher Deuss as their Senior Art Project at Alfred University.  The idea to build a Caravan was inspired by Randilee's own Romani Gypsy heritage.  The goal was to construct the Caravan in the true Gypsy fashion; with only found objects and donated materials.   Chad Schwartz was consulted on the design and helped them to draw up the blueprints for a Caravan that was capable of being pulled down Main Street --which they did!  Inspired by the project himself, Chad continued working with us throughout the construction and was an integral part of this work.  

The gathering of the components that make up the Caravan are stories within themselves. Many of the materials found and reclaimed for use were over 200 years old!   Some of the materials included: an all copper roof, siding from the local Sugar Shack (maple syrup farm), windows, doors, and a tabletop from a local 1880's farmhouse, as well as hand-hewn floor boards (also used for the bed) from the barn in the Z.B.T  backyard where it was constructed.  

The stained glass window was an original design by Randilee Golden and  features two people bowing before one another to  form a heart.  One panel of the window was built by Randilee and the other panel was built by Chris.  There are many levels to the symbolism used within the design, but to put it simply, it represents for her, the nature of True Devotion.  

The construction of the Caravan was a labor of love for all three creators.  Other friends and artists came along during its construction to offer their ideas, donations, or assistance. For over 14 years now, it has lived in Randilee's parents' family yard as her studio and muse, where it continues to inspire all who come to visit...    The Caravan of the Golden Souljourns.         


More Photos Coming Soon...

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