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Illuminated: Fine Art Lamp Design

Light is one of my favorite mediums to work with in every way. It is for me an element that ignites my heart and inspires my mind.  Regardless of its source, quality, color, or tone, it is the one magical ingredient that all of my art centers around and is catalyzed by.  Lamp Design offers me a way to combine the element of light with my work as a way to push the image further.  My hope is that the added element of light helps to connect the moment of inspiration to the moment of appreciation.   The end result being a juxtaposition of ways to appreciate an image, creating a difference in emotional resonance to the viewer when lit, versus not. 


(Please Note: Each lamp is unique and made to order.  The materials used to construct both the lampshade and base are carefully chosen to compliment the photograph or painting you choose as the design.  Any photograph or painting from the following galleries may be used): The Angelica Fine Art Series -or- ANY of the photographs within the four portfolios from the Captured: Photography Series Gallery


The Angelica Series

The Angelica Series

Captured: Photography Gallery

The Natural World

The Hand of Man

Dwelling on Time

Animal Life

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