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Pricing for Stretched Canvas &

Metal Fine Photography Prints



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ANY Photograph from the Captured: Photography Gallery can be purchased as either a Canvas or Metal Print. To purchase prints, please visit either the                    or                    Print Shops.

 Stretched Canvas Photo Prints:










Stretched Canvas prints are a unique way to transform the look and feel of any photo. We only use high-quality Archival Gliclee printing processes and stretch our prints "gallery-wrap" style, so framing is 

optional in order to appreciate. Each Canvas Print comes signed by the Artist and ready to hang.     

Canvas Print Sizes:

1. 8"x 8": $175 

     2. 12" x  12": $350

      3. 20" x 20": $625

      4. 38" x 38": $975

Metal Photo Prints

Metal Prints are a beautiful modern alternative to canvas.  Printed on a 1/16" aluminum sheet, these prints have a crisp, vivid, reflective sheen that enhance the light quality of any photo.  Each print comes signed and mounted with a metal easel or float mount so they are ready to display as soon as they arrive.     

Metal Print Sizes:

 1. 8"x 8": $225 

     2. 12" x  12": $375

      3. 20" x 20": $725

      4. 38" x 38": $1100

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